Many a man and many a woman have perceived themselves as being wise, and able to understand the ways of God and men.  No individual male or female can understand God.  If we could understand God, then we would be god.

There are times I do not even understand myself.  How can I a finite man understand the infinite Deity Jehovah, who is and will be ultimately seen and known in the person of His only begotten Son Jesus Christ (John 10:30).  Even though Job had been through the wringer of trial by sickness, and disease, and the loss of his children and all that he possessed; he still believed God, and feared him.

You can hear it in his words…

“And unto man He said, Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding.” Job 28:28  (KJB)

Job knew it was God who gave him each day.  It was God, his Master, who gave him each beat of his heart.  It was his Master, God, who gave him each breath he breathed.

We ought to always thank Him for all those things.  The beating heart, the breath we breathe, the steps we take, just the simple feat of getting out of bed each day comes from God.  Do you thank Him for it.  Wisdom will give us that knowledge and understanding, and we will live accordingly.

The following are a few of the comments on Job 28:28 from Matthew Henry…

“The knowledge of God’s revealed will, the will of his precept, and this is within our reach; it is level to our capacity, and will do us good (Job_28:28): Unto man he said, Behold, the fear of the Lord that is wisdom. Let it not be said that when God concealed his counsels from man, and forbade him that tree of knowledge, it was because he grudged him any thing that would contribute to his real bliss and satisfaction; no, he let him know as much as he was concerned to know in order to his duty and happiness; he shall be entrusted with as much of his sovereign mind as is needful and fit for a subject, but he must not think himself fit to be a privy-counsellor. He said to Adam (so some), to the first man, in the day in which he was created; he told him plainly it was not for him to amuse himself with over-curious searches into the mysteries of creation, nor to pretend to solve all the phenomena of nature; he would find it neither possible nor profitable to do so. No less wisdom (says archbishop Tillotson) than that which made the world can thoroughly understand the philosophy of it. But let him look upon this as his wisdom, to fear the Lord and to depart from evil; let him learn that, and he is learned enough; let this knowledge serve his turn. When God forbade man the tree of knowledge he allowed him the tree of life, and this is that tree, Pro_3:18. We cannot attain true wisdom but by divine revelation. The Lord giveth wisdom, Pro_2:6. Now the matter of that is not found in the secrets of nature or providence, but in the rules for our own practice. Unto man he said, not, “Go up to heaven, to fetch happiness thence;” or, “Go down to the deep, to draw it up thence.” No, the word is nigh thee, Deu_30:14. He hath shown thee, O man! not what is great, but what is good, not what the Lord thy God designs to do with thee, but what he requires of thee, Mic_6:8. Unto you, O men! I call, Pro_8:4. Lord, what is man that he should be thus minded, thus visited! Behold, mark, take notice of this; he that has ears let him hear what the God of heaven says to the children of men: The fear of the Lord, that is the wisdom.” Matthew Henry Commentary

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