The Younger Voice

Sometimes you can be standing outside of a conversation, and have aches just to say something.  You have heard things that you did not agree with, and you are just busting a gut to keep your mouth shut.  Maybe you are thinking, “This is not my discussion, stay out of it”, and sometimes that would be wise.

Today we look at the words of a young man, at least he says he is younger because in chapter 32 verses 7-8 he gives reference to his youth by his courtesy toward their age.  We must applaud Elihu whose name means “My God is He”.

“I will speak, that I may be refreshed: I will open my lips and answer.” Job 32:20  (KJB)

Now, remember Job’s three friends had come to comfort Job in his grief, loss, and pain; but stayed too long. Job probably only spoke because he was seeking someone to listen, not someone to accuse.  The words of his friends were bitter to him.  They offered no comfort.

Elihu only speaks after the voices of the older and wiser men are silenced with nothing more to say.  Sounds like a proper, and polite young man.  We need more of that in 2018, don’t we.

He feels, after they grow silent, the freedom to speak and he cannot keep silent.  Something we need to keep in mind about Elihu’s speech is that it is following his speech that the Almighty God comes on the scene (Job 38), and questions Job.  God does not speak against Elihu, but He does Job’s three friends.

The younger voice spoke with a passion for God.  Just take a look at Elihu’s final thoughts,

“Touching the Almighty, we cannot find Him out: He is excellent in power, and in judgment, and in plenty of justice: He will not afflict. Men do therefore fear Him: He respecteth not any that are wise of heart.” 37:23-24

Then, God shows up.

Speak what God gives you to speak.  Speak when it is your time and your place to speak.  Lift up the name of God; in and through His Son Jesus Christ; when you speak.

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