After God Speaks

This morning, as I read Job 42:1-6, I laughed. Why would I laugh?  Because I saw myself in what Job says to the LORD.  I have shared with you from Job 42:1-6 before and this is that link. Today I want us to focus on verses 5-6 though…

“I have heard of Thee by the hearing of the ear: but now mine eye seeth Thee. Wherefore I abhor myself, and repent in dust and ashes.” Job 42:5-6  (KJB)

With all Job’s suffering and grief he has had many questions and much commentary.  Like many of us we have tried to give God advice.  If you have read chapters 38 – 42 of Job you will realize the talk of men had stopped, then God shows himself to Job, and questions him.  “Where were you Job…?”  I do not know about you but that is question enough that it causes me to understand that God made it all, He is the one who not only knows all things; He also knows me.

God shows up, shows Himself to God, and Job realizes this truth;  You can hear about God from a preacher, from a teacher, from Scripture, etc., but until you meet Him you do not know Him.

When He reveals Himself to you there will be no doubt who He is and all questions of “Why?” will cease.  You know the questions I speak of… “Why did God allow my heart attack?”,  “Why did God allow my child to die?”,  Why did God allow this disease in my body?”,  “Why did God allow those terrorist to kill so many people?”  You understand what I am saying.

When God shows Himself, He speaks, and then we understand.

Someone has said, “It is not for us to understand; it is for us to believe/trust God.”

When God shows Himself to you you will see Jesus as the precious, only, holy Son of God; crucified, buried, and raised from the grave; Lord and Savior, and coming King.



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